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A walk in the park in center of the resort remains one of the most popular ways to relax in Vatra Dornei.

It is a special park, which houses many squirrels among old trees, became famous thanks to the little animals and because of summer concerts ...

Vatra Dornei Park in the center covers an area of 50 hectares and is a dendrology reservation Romanian Academy, with rare trees and tall old. The main area of concentration of mineral springs.

Park, now called by many "The Chipmunk Park" became known thanks to them because dozens of squirrels waiting for people to come to feed them. Children, youth, adults and elders gather every day to bring nuts and peanuts. For tourists, the park entrance sell bags of nuts. Let them call you is simple: beat nuts between them, and the little squirrels come and take their food directly from your hand is a delight for all eyes.

Squirrels are popularly called "Mariana", and children, especially in the summer, so we cried the day until evening. Beatings of nuts is heard constantly until evening later.

In Central Park, there are other objectives worthy of attention: mineral spring park, Japanese Pavilion, Holy Trinity Church. Here, right next to the park, is the casino - a monument erected in 1896, has performed over time several functions: gambling hall, concert hall and shows and club workers. Unfortunately, the building is now in ruins.

Above, in the park, we find the fountain Sentinel monument building, built in 1896. In time, the source had several names. Initially it was called Spring Falkenhayn, named after former Minister of Agriculture of Austria-Hungary. Later it was named in honor of Spring Sentinel patriotic cultural society with the same name, which was active in the city Vatra Dornei. By spring 1948 he was appointed 23 August, and after the Revolution of 1989 returned to the name of Sentinel.

The main alley of the park, we statuary group with busts of Mihai Eminescu, Ion Luca Caragiale, Sadoveanu, George Enescu, Porumbescu, MK, Costache Negri and A. Russo, historical monuments, made between 1964-2000.

In summer, concerts in the park, which are supported by the brass band, an event that gathers hundreds of people


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